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All the Tools you need to be OFF the tools in as little as 90 days!!

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Had enough with dealing with ungrateful staff?

Sick of not having enough hours in the day?

Are you fed up with dealing with clients?

Or maybe even considered walking away completely?

  • Learn the Tradecoach 10-0 strategy to put your business 10-Nil up against your competition

  • Systemise Your Trade Business with multiple systems to save you 20+ hours per week

  • Create a all year round lead flow into your business

  • Learn to sell like a pro with our sales masterclass on module 4

  • Learn to systemise your recruitment to attract, hire and keep the best staff in construction

  • Deliver Quality projects on time, every time and maximise profits

Join our Off The Tools programme Today

With our fast track off the tools course you can join the one-stop shop programme and be huge steps closer to your freedom. Designed specifically for trades businesses this course will take you through the A to Z of business and learn in as little as 12 weeks or 52 if you need using all the processes Daren used in his own business to become financially free.

- No Salesy Discovery Day to 'hook you in"

- No Bullsh*t sales tactics to get you to buy

- No Salespeople

- Just honest and PROVEN results to supercharge you and your business.

Honestly Daren is the best of the best!

"Honestly Daren is the best of the best so glad I came across him and took action by joining the off the tools course. The systems and structure that has been implemented into my business is nothing short of life changing. This has been by far the best investment I have made in myself and I can’t thank Daren enough for all his hard work and dedication to helping me get my business in the right place!"

Max (Plasterer)

The Best Trade Coach you will find!

"Daren is by far the best business coach that I’ve worked

with. The off the tools course provides all the building

blocks in simple steps to push your business forward to growth and getting off the tools. Darren’s primary aim is to help his customers succeed and he loves it"

Chris (Plumbing & Heating Engineer)

These are the results that I’ve been able to get a 25 year old client of mine. After systemising and recruiting, adding value which enabled us to significantly increase his prices, he now earns a handsome nett profit, working 10-15 hours per week!

2024 target is £2m

Thomas was brilliant at his 'job' and his work was second to none however he was earning much less than he would have if he was working for someone else with zero stress.

2024 Thomas and his management team have just opened their firest fully equipped and fully staffed office.

Is the 'old back' starting to show wear and tear?

Stop what you’re doing and consider this for a moment, what if we could help you..
  • Systemise your business and take anything from 10-40 hours off your working week

  • Help you build value and vital sales & marketing skills so you can charge 2-3 times what you currently are

  • Teach you vital recruitment skills to learn to find and keep the best staff

  • Know your numbers in business and know to the penny what is coming in and what is going out of your business

  • Earn 100-350k net profits per annum (unlimited)

  • And own a business not a job!

Invest in yourself

It’s no secret that by taking action on things then things happen and this Off The Tools course is designed specifically so you take action. By simply giving you the tools via our weekly calls and creating accountability within the group all of whom will be in a very similar position.

If the off the tools course is something that interests you why not book a call in with Daren and see if your business is the right fit for this programme, all calls via zoom or phone are completely free and you will come away with a much clearer version of what could be.

I learned more on Module 1 than I did in 6 months in another 'mastermind'…

There are so many coaches out there promising you the earth with very little to back it up. Do your research and you will see Daren doesn't just talk the talk - he was walked the walk too in his own business and this course shows you the way he done it to so much success. it's super easy to follow too. Seriously I wish I had done it much much sooner.

A straight to the point type of course with very little jargon and in an easy to navigate platform - Love every bit of it and would highly recommend! Matthew (Landscaper)

Why choose Trade Coach

Determination and background

Coming from a challenging background in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, I had a strong desire to create a better life for myself. Despite discouraging remarks, I remained determined to achieve success and become a millionaire by 40. My background instilled in me a drive to be the best I can be and have full control over my life.

Successful business ventures

I have owned multiple companies, including The Edinburgh Driveway Company Ltd, I persevered and built a highly successful company in the landscaping industry. I systemised the business, achieved significant turnover, and eventually became a millionaire. These days along with Tradecoach I am a property investor and keen traveller.

Systemised approach

I have a proven track record of systemising businesses, enabling them to operate efficiently and profitably without the clients constant involvement. This approach allows business owners to focus on growth and expansion while maintaining stability.

Impressive consulting and training success

Since leaving my previous company, I have worked as a consultant and trainer for various businesses, both small and large. The results have been remarkable, surpassing my expectations. The success of my clients brings me great joy, and I genuinely enjoy helping them achieve their goals.

Mission statement

My mission is simple: to help my clients earn more and work less. By achieving this, they can create their dream life for themselves and their families. I am committed to being the best business coach I can be and being honest and upfront throughout, living my own dream life showing my clients the way, and providing exceptional value to my clients.

If you think investing in business coaching is risky…

Wait until you get the bill for not investing!

Invest in you and your business now!

No B#llshit Business Growth 👍

Having spoken to other Business Coaches in the past and been pretty underwhelmed – the instant Daren and I connected I knew he would be able guide me and Actual Landscapes into unchartered waters – his no nonsense, simple but highly effective communication, systems, structures and procedures have allowed our business to grow more in the last 12 No months than the last 12 yrs. Looking forward to the future with TradeCoach as an integral part of the team-cannot recommend more highly. Rory Tompsett